Transform Your Life Today

Alternative spiritual and religious movements specialist

Jack LaValley, and conflict resolution mediator Dr. Drissa Kone, offer insights

and tips on how to affect positive changes in our culture by transforming your

life. The show runs for fourteen episodes.

About Your Hosts

Jack LaValley

As a young man, Jack chose an alternative spiritual path. In the 1970s, he did something most Americans considered ridiculous: joining a controversial group known as the "Moonies" aka Unification Church, founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, still considered today by some to be a dangerous cult. For twenty years, he was part of Rev. and Mrs. Moon's personal security. This gave him a rare, behind the scenes look, at Rev. Moon's approach on how to live life to the fullest. The life skills and lessons learned during this period helped shape Jack's views on the process of life transformation.

Today, Jack's evolving understanding on how to improve the quality of one's Being, is encapsulated in his signature program, The Three EEE’s of Life Transformation: Embody Good Nature; Exude Good Will; and Emanate Affection. When not podcasting, Jack is studying the principle of neurotheology and writing his memoir. On a leisurely day, he enjoys singing songs from Broadway musicals in a NYC amateur performing arts troupe, and playing rock and roll drums in a local pick band. Jack and his wife, Wha ja, are the proud parents of three extraordinary adult children.

Idris Kone

I was born and raised in Africa, amid ethnic, religious, and racial conflict. I have seen the atrocities of war and its negative impact on individuals and families. Because of my circumstances, I yearned to understand the root cause of conflict and violence between human beings. I decided to dedicate my life to learn how human beings can experience inner peace and live in harmony with one another. One discovery I've made is understanding how individual personal growth can resolve interpersonal conflict, heal painful relationships, and create the experience of inner peace. As co-host of Transform Your Life: A Unificationist View, I'm joining with my friend and brother Jack LaValley, hoping you will experience a more profound transformation in your life and find inner peace. I teach courses in conflict transformation, interfaith dialogue, Spirituality, and Islamic studies at the Unification Theological Seminary, in New York City. Together with my beautiful wife, Tsedvesuren, we are raising our two young daughters, Michelle and Miae.

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